Apparently, there’s some kind of saying (you may have heard) about old dogs and new tricks.

First of all, it’s 2016. Should we still be using this saying? 🙂 Better yet, should the idea of moving schools from paper tickets to digital ticketing apps really be considered a “new trick” anymore?

When it comes to empowering schools with a mobile platform like Ticket Spicket (where you’re offering fans advance single game tickets, customized season passes, and more) at all types of sporting events – a few athletic directors still have their reservations. Mostly, concerns that an upgrade to mobile ticketing apps may be too advanced of a transition for their fans and community.

But just to be clear – these fanbases are not comprised of “old dogs.”

Whether it’s middle school, high school, college, or the pros – your goal is to get fans in the seats. And whether you like it or not, if you ever want a crowd to consist of more than just a few supportive parents, you’re going to have to reach the students, their friends, young alumni, and other influential millennial-types in ways that resonate to them. By simplifying the process, giving them ticketing apps that are new and innovative, and connecting with them where it’s convenient – on their mobile device.

Even some of those fans who’ve been around for a while now aren’t exactly living with as many “old dog” characteristics as you might expect them to.

words-with-friendsAs an example, I’ve got a 95 year-old grandmother who’s connecting to Wi-Fi, crushing me at Words with Friends on her Kindle Fire every morning, and streaming Blue Bloods on Netflix through her Amazon Fire Stick with a voice activated remote control. Don’t get me wrong, she’s every last bit of amazing as she sounds. The point is – when it comes to technology, don’t underestimate what the people are capable of… regardless of how set in their ways you think they might be.

The good news is – at Ticket Spicket we’ve put user experience and intuitive design front and center. We’re making it easier for fans to support their local teams than it’s ever been before.

We’ve raised the bar for ticketing apps by addressing a ton of challenges for real-life high school and middle school athletic directors – those who previously weren’t able to enjoy the same technologies provided to college programs or professional teams.

We’re making it simple for these same athletic directors to start selling advance tickets and season passes today (with zero start-up cost) and we’re also connecting their schools with local businesses to actually sponsor each individual event within the app.

In a sense, we’ve created an entirely new type of platform for our schools to become a forward-thinking / innovative tech leader in their district, effortlessly generate new forms of revenue, effectively market events to their community, partner with local businesses, increase engagement and oh, I almost forgot – sell tickets. 🙂

At Ticket Spicket, there’s no doubt that we’re offering an entirely unique, unprecedented step forward for your school’s athletic department and it’s fans to consider.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo today or contact us to get more information.