You’ve probably noticed many of today’s successful corporations have a few things in common. From Silicon Valley to Manhattan, from Amazon to Zappos and back to Apple again, the most popular companies across the U.S. are thriving by leveraging digital (online) transactions to not only improve convenience for their customers – but to learn something about them, too. That information they’re “learning” is what big business typically refers to as data.

The ability to manifest data online has revolutionized connectivity and commerce in recent years. Businesses are more effective because they have actual insight into what works for their customer base. Consumers are happier because technology is continuously making their lives easier. It’s pretty much been the definition of a win – win situation.

Of course, in school districts across the United States, things have evolved a little more slowly. Schools have created websites and improved technology where possible – but when it comes to any kind of analysis or data beyond standardized test scores, they’re still very much operating in the dark ages.

To be fair, there simply isn’t enough resources and there are far too many budget challenges preventing schools from building their own miniature digital empires. But what if they didn’t necessarily have to build it for themselves?

What we’ve created at Ticket Spicket is a solution to give school districts a financially savvy head start on their path to becoming innovative tech-driven organizations.

Among other benefits, these schools receive detailed profile data and reporting insights into who their fans are, when they’re attending games, and what type of ticket purchases and donations they’re making.

This same Ticket Spicket environment also stimulates rivalries and digitally promotes the biggest events among students and fan bases – all of which present an incredible opportunity to drive fan engagement and offer rewards in the app. Of course, that’s where local businesses come in.

By signing up with Ticket Spicket, restaurants, stores, and nearby companies can get more value out of sponsoring their local schools. The ability to offer exclusive deals to fans that actually check-in by using digital tickets at specific games is entirely unique within Ticket Spicket. These targeted opportunities to advertise and deliver discounts, deals and special offers are not only effective and convenient – but the activity and performance data behind them are golden to an up-and-coming business.

Intelligently working with data is the foundation for success in most large industries. If schools can begin taking the initial steps to follow suit, the sky is the limit for tickets sales, fundraising, donations, and more.

Here are six additional reasons why school districts should be considering how they can better leverage data:

  • The need to create a stronger digital presence.

    Do schools know what’s out there competing for a student’s attention in 2016? A seemingly infinite stream of Netflix queues, Xbox games, mobile apps, and social media platforms are available at every turn. By getting more involved in the digital space, schools have an opportunity to start actually measuring their engagement with students and families, in an environment where they’re already 100% comfortable.

  • Opportunities to increase safety and security.

    By enabling location based services and digital check-ins at school events, administrators acquire real-time data on who’s there. This can go a long way in ensuring school events remain fun and stress-free for everyone.

  • The significance of donations and fundraising.

    The truth is that there are probably quite a few people out there who would have interest in helping schools raise money – but it’s not always top of mind or convenient. When schools start using e-commerce opportunities to their advantage, online donations and fundraising efforts will be a large part of that.

  • Improving a school’s marketing abilities within the community.

    Local companies have been advertising on tv and radio for decades. In recent years, companies have started turning to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Adwords as well. One reason for that is these cost-effective digital channels can provide actual data on how successful the campaigns are. Who saw it? Who clicked on it? Who used it? By leveraging data insights through their own digital platform, schools can offer the same type of value in an advertising campaign to their very specific targeted audience.

  • The ability to increase excitement around athletic events.

    By going digital, schools have the ability to track attendance data, ticket revenue, sponsorship performance, and fan support in real-time. Access to this type of data means less late nights counting cash and filling out paperwork – but it also empowers athletic departments with a real potential to innovate and facilitate growth.

  • The ever-evolving world of communication.

    Most schools are using email, text messages and websites at this point – but how effective are these methods? With a data-driven platform at their disposal, schools can easily deliver information across devices and measure campaign effectiveness to feel confident that their message is getting through.

There’s no denying how crucial data has been for the success of big business in the digital age. At Ticket Spicket, we believe it can also revolutionize the way that schools communicate with students, engage with their community, and improve upon overall revenue and fundraising.

For more information about how Ticket Spicket is helping school districts leverage data and digital transactions, visit or reach out to our team at