Hey, I like going out for lunch as much as the next guy.

Panera Bread has pretty much become my go-to establishment for any and every type of healthy sandwich option imaginable. The really exciting news is that I can order my (favorite) turkey sandwich through the Panera mobile app and have it ready to go when I arrive 10 minutes later. There’s no cash transaction necessary and no waiting in line.

Here’s the catch – I’m literally paying $7.29 for a plain turkey sandwich. Every single time. Not to throw my favorite lunch destination under the bus here (because it’s super convenient) but if I were to buy 500 turkey sandwiches from Panera (a number I sometimes worry that I’m realistically approaching) – I’m going to lose a ton of cash.

In this scenario, and many others, I’m left with a decision on where to draw the line between convenience and value.

Unfortunately, the same exact thing is happening with those looking to provide digital ticketing options and mobile app solutions for high school and college athletic programs. Across the board, you’re seeing similar business models unfold where companies want to give increased convenience to fans while charging “ticket fees” that often range between 15-30% or more. These fees are usually going directly to the ticket provider’s bank account. The question is – are these businesses really offering enough value for fans to warrant the additional hit to their wallet?

In our experience, the answer is typically, “no.

Fans don’t often agree with increased ticket prices and if they happen to be (for example) bringing a family of 4, these fees can quickly add up over the course of an entire season.

When we started Ticket Spicket in early 2016, we had a completely different mission and business model in mind. We’re about being more than just tickets. We built around the core idea of not charging these types of excessive ticket fees to consumers. We’ve also increased value to loyal fans by letting them earn exclusive rewards that incentivize attendance and promote their continued support. If that weren’t enough – we’ve also launched a completely unique Ticket Spicket Gameplan platform to revitalize booster efforts and help connect schools with more community sponsorships more efficiently and more effectively.

In summary: Ticket Spicket is helping schools make money with less effort and helping fans pay less to get more – all while allowing local businesses to better connect with their target audience. We like to think we’re tipping the scales heavily in favor of value here, while still providing the same desired convenience through a simple and easy mobile experience.

We’ll let you be the judge.

Be sure to check out www.ticketspicket.com for more information, or visit our team at the upcoming THSADA conference in Texas and VIAAA conference in Virginia!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to go make myself a sandwich. 🙂