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The Ticket Spicket team is a passionate group of industry veterans, dedicated to enabling schools to succeed with ticket sales, sponsorships, and 1-to-1 fan marketing. We offer solutions to help athletic programs every step of the way, including event promotion, fan retention, and customer support.


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Russell Hertzberg
Co-Founder & CEO

ticket spicket

Donnie Schemetti

Co-Founder & CMO

ticket spicket

Ernest Hawkins

Co-Founder & CTO

ticket spicket

Adam Hammer
Chief of Strategy

ticket spicket

Mark Brown

Payment Solutions Lead

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Julie Fulton Hertzberg

Operations Manager

Our Story

Prior to the beginning of Ticket Spicket’s services, our founding team combined for 30+ years of experience in project management, marketing, design, and development of e-commerce sites for Fortune 500 companies across the globe – including product and ticket sales for pro sports events, sold out concerts, major airlines, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and more.

Ticket Spicket has since partnered with many of the largest schools, districts, and athletic associations in the U.S. to provide online ticket sales everywhere from local gymnasiums to major college venues.

About Us

As a company that started and remains headquartered in Richmond, Virginia – Ticket Spicket’s team is proud to be part of an amazingly supportive community that embraces local businesses who are passionate about making a real impact in our region and beyond.

Since launching our digital ticket services in January of 2016, Ticket Spicket has quickly grown to become a premiere online ticketing platform for athletic programs.

Based on an innovative business model that minimizes add-on ticketing fees to fans while also delivering entirely new revenue and fundraising opportunities, Ticket Spicket has quickly made a name for itself as one of the top “game-changing products for athletic programs,” according to Coach and Athletic Director magazine.

As a preferred online ticketing provider of the well-known National Interscholastic Athletics Administrators Association (NIAAA), Ticket Spicket is currently providing ticket services to teams, schools, districts, and conferences in more than twenty states across the U.S.

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