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We’ve Got You Covered.

Gameplan was designed specifically to make life easier and more efficient for athletic departments. The live reporting tools are praised for their ease of use while giving deep insight into the status of finances, ticket sales, payments, sponsorships, fan engagement, and more.

Financial Accountability.

The Ticket Spicket Gameplan platform allows schools to include cash / gate sales within each event for full reconciliation. This eases the process of creating comprehensive reports to include online tickets, season pass usage, and walk-up gate sales.


Ticket Spicket is about more than just tickets.

We’re the #1 solution for athletic departments to connect with their customers and energize their fanbase – all while providing businesses with effective sponsorship opportunities to support their programs.

We won’t rest until our schools are utilizing digital marketing and ticket opportunities to generate revenue and engage fans more effectively than the pro leagues.

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